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Books published by Kieletär Inari
Cover and drawings for the children novel Takaisin taivalle by Kirste Paltto / covers for a teen novel series by Ann-Helén Laestadius / cover for the poetic epic Ædnan – Maa meissä by Linnea Axelsson.
Cover for University of Lapland Juridica Lapponica n.41.

    A propos de Essi

    Me, myself and I, Esther 'Essi' Berelowitsch, live in Inari, Finnish Lapland. Born and raised in Paris, I lived most of my life there, enjoying all of it, except for my Art school years in Strasbourg, where I got my MA. As an expat', I'm sure about one thing : nothing can replace homeland's cheeses. And I'm glad I learned finnish. I like drawing architectures and clouds. I dream of an illustrated cookbook of my own weird recipes, and of a method called "How to draw moss". I happen to be also an art photographer and a writer, cause, you know, I have so much to express.

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    Couv d’aventure enfantine

    Jan 22 2013

    Après un peu d’absence, je reprends du travail avec Déclic pour une nouvelle couv’ de début d’année. Le magazine, édité par Handicap International et conçu par l’agence In Medias Res, s’adresse aux familles d’enfants handicapés, et ce qui est bien, de tous types de handicap. Il pèle, on se les gèle, mais ce n’est pas …
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